Friday, 23 January 2015

Bloggers Photoshopping Their Images.


Ok controversial topic, I've just got to address all the outrage about bloggers photoshopping their pictures.

Of course they do.

Who isn't guilty of pulling in a bulge, straightening out a line or getting rid of a spot (or in my case, a nose bump) before making an image public? I'm honestly really impressed if you can resist doing that, you're a better person than me. I don't have control of my nose bump in real life, but hell if I'm going to let it ruin a picture that I really like without it. Because it seems that sort of the point of the internet is to present the best, most shiny parts of yourself and your life. I'm not saying that's ideal, but it's the way it is. No one posts pictures when they've had a shit day, taken off their makeup and their underwear and are sitting at home feeling lonely and sad and binge eating biscuits in toothpaste stained pyjamas. So of course you want to make the bits you do show look the best you can. Hell, it's why the filters were even invented.

I'm not condoning people making themselves look four stone thinner (Danielle from WeWoreWhat has a tendency to take it a bit too far) and it is obviously bad that people feel that in order to be popular and successful they have to be a certain size or weight. But come on, these girls are known for their images, and are under constant scrutiny. It's understandable that they want to look their best, as this is what makes their blogs and brands more successful. 

If you're preparing a post about a lovely new top you've bought, and in all the pictures it's bulged out funny at the side, why wouldn't you tuck it in a bit? If your arm looked fat and (in your eyes, at least) it ruined the overall picture and took attention away from the focus (the clothes, this is probably a fashion blog after all) wouldn't you slim it down a bit? If you had a following of 150,000 people waiting to analyse your every inch, and had experienced how vicious people on the internet can be, it's understandable that you'd preempt the nasty comments by fixing the image a bit. It only takes one thigh bulge for the bile to start rolling in. Everyone has seen Heat's "Circle of Shame" and the internet is riddled with countless articles gleefully posting pictures of celebrities looking terrible without makeup. Is the next step that a magazine cover appears and there's loads of articles about it because the star is wearing make-up? Or Spanx? Or false eyelashes?

It's the same as all fashion shoots and imagery, there's backlash because this cover or that spread has been photoshopped (coughJustinBeiber/KimKardashian), but in a way I feel like the publications are almost reassuring us. It's sort of like "Not even the models are good enough, no one looks like this in real life so everyone needs help to create the perfect image that we want to represent our brand." They're relatively open about the fact that images are photoshopped, and I'm not entirely sure why everyone always seems so surprised by it! Almost every image we see these days is Photoshopped, and I'm pretty used to it by now.

Just take it all with a pinch of salt, and if you don't have a blog yourself to be photographed for, a helping of biscuits.

What are your opinions? Is it just me that thinks this?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014



Some Christmas party outfit ideas for when you don't fancy wearing a dress. (LET'S TALK ABOUT THE CLARET LOUBOUTINS). 

I want everything on this list so much that I'm getting stomach ache. Although that might be the four mince pies I ate at lunch. 

Christmas Party

Monday, 15 December 2014

Do you know what I got for Christmas? Fat. I got fat.




THERE'S FOOD EVERYWHERE AND IT'S GREAT. Although, not for our waistlines perhaps. So here's 20 reaallly good and wise (ahem) pieces of advice and key points to remember for eating around Christmas that I've gathered from across the internet. Hell Christmas only comes once a year. In the words of Elsa..let it go.

1. Eat at night - calories can't see in the dark so they won't be able to find you

2. Pandas are proof that you can just eat leaves and still be fat

3. Drink alcohol while eating something fattening, the calories will get drunk and forget what they're there for

4. Dieting is easy. It's like riding a bike. And the bike's on fire. And the grounds on fire. And everything's on fire because you're in hell

5. Use superglue instead of lipstick

6. Eat whatever you want. If anyone tries to lecture you about your diet, eat them too

7. It's a commonly known fact that diets can only start on Mondays. If you've screwed up by Tuesday, the rest of the week is guilt free as you can't start again till next Monday

8. If you start a diet and aren't skinny by lunch time, give up

9. Eat with water so the calories drown

10. If you can't get thinner, become a good cook and make your friends fatter

11. Nobody wants to hear about your diet. Just eat your lettuce, shut up and be sad. And stop side-eyeing my cupcake

12. It's the thought that counts. So if you thought about going on a diet and doing exercise, then ate a whole cake and took a nap, you're halfway there

13. Go on a seafood diet. You see food, you eat it

14. Wine does not make you fat, it makes you lean..against walls, chairs and peculiar people

15. Regret is a terrible thing. You don't want to look back and think "I could have eaten that"

16. If you are what you eat then you may as well be delicious

17. Juice cleanses are only worth it when you add Vodka.

18. If you need to start being healthy, first make sure you've eaten up all the junk food in your house so it's not there to tempt you

19. Have fruit salad for dinner. Make it mostly grapes. Ok, all grapes. Fermented grapes. Have wine for dinner.

20. If you think you're losing weight at Christmas, double check..your tracksuit bottoms have probably become untied.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter Uniform.


Winter tends to bring laziness in dressing because it's cold (who else stares at their wardrobe in the mornings and thinks "Oh I can't be bothered to come up with an outfit, I'm cold, I just want to wear a jumper and jeans"? Just me?) Good news is, this season that is the perfect lazy day uniform for stylish girls everywhere. According to Pinterest and Instagram, anyway.

Just add slim trousers (extra points for leather) + cozy knit + long coat + great shoes + a couple of well chosen accessories (stacked rings, crossbody bag, brushed cotton scarf etc) = an easy, warm outfit, that looks like you made a bit of effort. I won't tell if you don't.

All pictures from my Pinterest.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas colours


Um, can anyone guess the theme I'm going for this year? I don't know if it's obvious? All my old decorations are pink and silver (don't judge, I was 15 and had a pink bedroom) but now I'm a proper adult (HA), and in a lovely, gold-themed grown up flat I OBVIOUSLY have to re-buy decorations. Shame, as I obviously hate shopping. 

Tee hee.

Christmas colours

90% of these are from George Home, which is so cheap and so great. You go Glen Coco.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Crabby Winter


I don't know what it is about Christmas shopping that, after a while,  just makes me want to spend money on myself instead. The shops bring out all their best stuff, right when I'm supposed to be buying things for others, and I almost want to say "SOD YOU ALL, THIS YEAR I'M ONLY BUYING THINGS FOR ME. DO NOT GIVE ME PRESENTS, THAT'S COOL, AND DON'T EXPECT ANY EITHERR. SPEND YOUR MONEY ON YOURSELVES," to all my loved ones. 

I could go without a lot of the generic "she's a girl, she likes nail varnish" presents (now don't get me wrong, I do like nail varnish. But personally I would prefer one relatively decent bottle to a set of three that look like they came out of a cracker and have the consistency of pritstick), and I honestly don't know how many more trios of lipgloss I can stand (I'm not being ungrateful..I don't wear lipgloss and I never have). I put a lot of time, effort and money into Christmas presents (as much as I'm moaning, I do actually really enjoy it) and sometimes when I open ANOTHER nail file kit I wonder why I bother. (Is it just me? Am I a rotten human? But I mean if I don't already own a nail file kit).

BUT you know that's not the point, and I fundamentally love Christmas more than (almost) anyone I know, I think I'm just having a minor breakdown about all the wonderful stuff in the shops that I want and can't afford. And you know, having to prepare my grateful face for the onslaught of distant relatives who mean well, but would have been better off giving me a fiver. And spending ages trying to get a present for them that doesn't mean that they have to whack out their fake grateful face in return (because believe me, I don't think I'm some saint of Christmas who never gets it wrong!).

I don't quite know what happened to this post. It was just going to be a simple wishlist and then I started ranting and lost control of myself. I need to reign it in before I accidentally get all grinch on myself and start saying I hate Christmas. are the things I'd buy myself if I decided to boycott Christmas. 

Cosy Winter

On a much more cheerful note, because I am actually getting really overexcited about Christmas (apart from the little brain fart that this post turned into), I've bought half my presents already and have even already wrapped them. This included finding sellotape which has little sprouts with smiley faces on it which I think might be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

What I Wore Today